2017 US Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings

Please see the current US Benchrest Hall of Fame standings in Excel format attached.

Here are some of the highlights from the two Benchrest Nationals held during 2017.

The IBS Nationals were held at Holton, MI.  Bob Scarbrough, Jr. and Jeff Summers each won three points adding to their totals.  Lee Hachigian also shot well earning two points. Both Jeff and Lee are approaching the ten-point threshold with seven and six points respectively. Canadian Peter Smith earned his first point there, too.  But, the Holton show belonged to Virginian Wayne Campbell, who won six points total at Holton. Wayne wasn't done for 2017.

The NBRSA Nationals were held at the Benchrest Club of St.Louis.  This was a good match for some first-time winners with six shooters earning their first points:  Al Auman Sr., Mark Harpenau, Keith Christianson, Jeff Graves, and Donnie Rosette each winning one point.  And Paul Mitchell won three points in unlimited getting well down the path. Tony Boyer continued on his record-setting journey with three more at St. Louis, bringing his life-time total to 176.  And Wayne Campbell added to his growing total with three more at St.Louis, bringing his total to 42.

There is no question that the most prolific Benchrest shooter of all time is Tony Boyer. 176 points my be a number that no other shooter in our sport may ever approach.  But, congratulations should be given to fellow Virginian Wayne Campbell, who moved solidly into fourh place behind veterans Lester Bruno and Allie Euber.



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