2018 Southeast Region Matches

Middle George Gun Owners Association (MGGOA), Dublin, GA
Contact: Matt Walker at 478 304-2749, for details.

March 24-25, 2018 LV/HV 100/200 Shamrock/World Team Qualifier
To be determined LV/HV 100/200  

River Bend Gun Club, 588 River Bend Gun Club Road, Dawsonville, GA
Contact: Jim Andress at 770 876-2351 or 770 893-3319.

2016 US Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings

Please see the current US Benchrest Hall of Fame standings in Excel format attached.

Here are some of the highlights from the two Nationals that were conducted during 2016.

At the NBRSA Nationals that were conducted at the Ben Avery Range near Phoenix, it was bsically the Larry Costa show.  Larry attained 8 points at that match bringing his total to 30.  Larry Boers won his first point by winning UNL 100 and Dave Coots brought his total to four by winning UNL 200 and the UNL Grand.

At the IBS Nationals held at Fairchance, PA, Bob Scarbrough, Jr. won five points bringing his total to 23.   Dave Bruno, Greg Walley  and Jeff Summers continued to chip away at their totals by winning a point each, bringing their totals to 5, 3 and 4 respectively.

2015 United States Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings

Please see the 2015 United States Benchrest Hall of Fame points totals attached in Excel format.

The results of both the IBS (Weikert, PA) and NBRSA (St. Louis) Nationals show both some familiar National-level names in shooting, as well as some first-timers bursting onto the scene.  At the NBRSA Nationals at St. Louis some of the new names added to he list are Buddy Ross attaining is first point by winning LV 100.  Murray Hicks got on the board by winning the HV Grand, giving him his first two points. Then Joe Hynes started out in a big way by attaining four points with his wins at Sporter 100 and the Sporter Grand,along with HV 200.

TRRC Benchrest - SP/HV Manley Oakley Trophy May 2nd-3rd 2015

Manley Oakley Memorial Match Report

Hello Everyone.


On May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club held their 2nd match of the year.

This contest would determine the winner of the Manley Oakley trophy. 

Saturday brought us a chilly morning with some tricky wind conditions.

We began with our Sporter class at 100 yards on Saturday morning which was won by Dan Kjelland with a .2378" agg. 

2014 Hall of Fame Points Summary

Please see the 2014 summary of the United States Benchrest Hall of Fame (in Excel format).

Some Highlights of the 2014 Nationals shooting season:

- Southeast Region shooter Steve Lee had a great IBS Nationals (held at Fairchance, PA) winning his first five points.

- Eastern Region shooter Bill Symons also has a good IBS Nationals winning three points bringing his total to eight.

- Eastern Region shooter Jeff Gaidos had good shoots at both the IBS Nationals and the NBRSA Nationals (held at Holton, MI) winning four points between the two events bringing his total to seven.

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