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Hunter Class & VFS Class Hall of Fame Rules

VFS Class Hall of Fame

Hunter Class HOF was Established in 1999, VFS HOF was Established 2012, a big thank you to everyone involved in this effort to gather the needed information.

All New Inductees and Points will be awarded at the NBRSA Hunter / VFS Short Range Nationals each year.

To qualify to be inducted into the Hunter or VFS Hall of Fame, you need to earn 10 points by setting a world record or winning a yardage,or aggregate at the National Match. Points are awarded as follows:

World Record:  1 Point each record

National Match: Yardage Winner: 2 Points for each individual yardage won

Aggregate Winner: 3 Points for each aggregate won (100-200), (200-300), (100-200-300)


2011 Southeast Region Shooter of the Year

Here are the final 2011 Southeast Region Shooter of the Year standings

Steve Lee

Steve Lee Wins 2011 David Reynolds Memorial

Back Row L to R) Dale Rose, Steve Lee, Dwight St. Romain, Allen Arnette, Smiley Hensley, Jerry Dailey, David Hudson
Front Row (L to R) Jeff Graves, Billy Stevens

Scott Roeder Wins Rockingham County 200 Yard 4 Gun

Scott Roeder won the Rockingham County 200 Yard 4 Gun held September 10-11 2011.

J.D. Denoff won the Unlimited 5 shot with an agg of .2090. Jack Cox won small group with a .247.

Scott Roeder won Heavy Varmint with an agg of .2084 and Kenny Mcrary got small group with a .317.

Dalton Jones won Light Varmint with an agg of .2112 and also shot small group with a very nice .167.

Terry Leonard won Sporter with the only teen agg of .1933. Smiley Hensley won small group with a .281.

Scott Roeder shot well all weekend winning the 4 gun with a grand agg of .2177.

Wayne Campbell wins SE Region 100 Yard Stage at Rockingham

July 9-10 2011

Wayne Campbell won the 100 yard stage of the SE Regional Championship at Rockingham County Gun Club.

Wayne set a possible Unlimited Class world record with his amazing .1682 100 yard aggregate. Wayne also won Sporter with an impressive .1762.

David Condor won Heavy Varmint with a very nice .1998 and Terry Leonard won Light Varmint with an amazing .1576.

Rick Graham wins Tacoma`s Sporter/ Light Varmint Regional August 6th, 7th





Jeff Yost Wins Tacoma`s Sniper King July 2011

Twice a year the Puget Sound shooters get to bring out the big guns for registered NBRSA competition. I`m talking about the holy grail of centerfire benchrest shooting.  Unlimited class...


The Rail Guns.

These return to battery machine rests are simply amazing to see in action. I believe everyone is shooting the 6ppc, and the results are .... just pretty damn cool.

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