2018 Mid-Continent Match Schedule

Northern Colorado Benchrest
38967 CR 51, Eaton CO 80615
Contact: Bud Schalles 970 224-3740 or

Land's End Benchrest Shooters, CO
Range Address: 3520 Reeder Mesa Rd, Whitewater, CO 81527
Contact: Tom Stiner, 970 257-9160 or

2011 U. S. World Team Announced

Listed below are the names of the team members who will be representing the United States at the 2011 World Benchrest Championship (WBC-11).  The Championship will be held August 23rd thru 27th 2011 in Volmerange Les Mines France.


Team 1 - Tony Boyer,  Larry Costa,  Gene Bukys,  Chris Harris

Team 2 - Mike Ratigan,  Jack Neary,  Andy Shifflett,  Wayne Campbell

Team 3 - Tim Oltersdorf,  Dave Coots,  Larry Baggett,  Robert Hammack

Alternates in order -  Don Nielson,  Lou Murdica,  Greg Reed

Honorary Team Captain   Walt Berger



Tony Boyer Visits Seattle, August 2010

is exciting to have a brush with greatness. Some saw Elvis at a train
station in Texas, others saw the Beatles at the Edgewater Inn is
Seattle. On a Wednesday evening in August, I had the opportunity to sit
down with Tony and Faye Boyer and discuss my favorite subjuct,
Benchrest. Tony has just released a new book called "The Book of Rifle
Accuracy" They were in Seattle for a few days visiting with Mustafa
Bilal, of Turk`s Head. Mustafa published Tony`s book, and had invited
him to Seattle to autograph the limited editions of the book.

Alan Tucker wins the 2010 Washington State 3gun Championship

Washington State 3gun Championship

Washington State 3gun Championship held in Tacoma, WA over the Labor Day weekend.

It was the last match of the year.Sept 4,5,and 6th 2010

Sporter 100

1. Allen Tucker .1736
2. Rick Graham .1940
3. Mustafa Bilal .2044
4. Steve Kostanich .2068
5. Rob Seemann .2378

Sporter 200

1. Rob Seemann .2213
2. Steve Kostanich .2466
3. Larry Boers .2495
4. Rick Graham .2535
5. Allen Tucker .2757

Sporter Grand

1. Rick Graham .2238
2. Allen Tucker .2245
3. Steve Kostanich .2267
4. Rob Seemann .2296
5. Larry Boers .2507

ER Hall of Fame Standings

Please see the Eastern Region Hall of Fame standings as of Sept 30 2017.

United States Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings (August 2013)

The United States Benchrest Hall of Fame was started by Rifle Magazine in 1972 and chose the NBRSA to administer the entity. It set the criteria for induction as needing to acquire ten points by winning yardages, grand aggregates or the Three-Gun championship at the NBRSA Varmint and Unlimited Nationals; with a point for a yardage win and two points for a grand aggregate and three-gun win.
In 1984, the Hall of Fame was transferred to an independent outside agency. And in 1985 winners of similar events of the IBS Nationals were appropriately included with the NBRSA inductees. Today, the United States Benchrest Hall of Fame is administered by 1993 inductee Rex Reneau.

2010 Southeast Region Top 20 Standings

Here are the 2010 Southeast Region Top 20 standings as of Rachel's Glen Fall Shoot.

Only one shoot to go at River Bend November 13-14. 

Points are awarded as follows:

Only SE Region shooters are eligible for the SE Region Top 20

A shooter receives one point for each person he/she beats in an agg. All shooters (regardless of region) are counted when awarding points to a SE Region shooter.

Shooters who shoot any portion of an agg are counted even if they leave early.

Shooters who are disqualified for an agg are not counted.

Billy Stevens wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2010

Left to right back row, Steve Lee and Ralph, Jeff Graves, Scott Mims, Dale Rose, Glenn Nelson
Left to right front row, David Reynolds and Max, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter

Nobody could complain about bad weather at our spring match at Rachel’s Glen.  There was, however, some mutterings heard about the mirage.  Whine, whine, whine!  Obviously some of the shooters have forgotten the Saturday when we had several inches of rain.  Anyway, we had a great match and it seemed that everybody had a great time.

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