Billy Stevens wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2010

Left to right back row, Steve Lee and Ralph, Jeff Graves, Scott Mims, Dale Rose, Glenn Nelson
Left to right front row, David Reynolds and Max, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter

Nobody could complain about bad weather at our spring match at Rachel’s Glen.  There was, however, some mutterings heard about the mirage.  Whine, whine, whine!  Obviously some of the shooters have forgotten the Saturday when we had several inches of rain.  Anyway, we had a great match and it seemed that everybody had a great time.

Billy Stevens wins Shamrock IX Two Gun

Left to right, Jeff Graves - Two Gun 4th place, Harley Baker - Two gun 2nd place, Billy Stevens - Two Gun winner, Mark Trexler - MGGOA President

 Two-Gun Champion is Billy Stevens

Winds of Manatee 2010

Results for Winds of Manatee 2010 held February 13 and 14 are attached.

Wenatchee Benchrest Club

Shooters at our opening matchon 3/13/2010.

Back row Lt. to Rt.: John Miller, Jim McConnell, Elzie Scott, Wally Juneaw, Dean Scott, Dick Mayer

Front row Lt. to Rt.: Dale Adams, Glen Sampson, Greg Swezey, Gale McDaniel, Dan Zaccanti, Sam Small, Tom Peyton


Midland Shooters Association

July 8-9, 2017 LV/HV 100/200 (all 100-yard shot on 8th; 200 on 9th)
August 26-27, 2017 LV/HV 100/200 (all 100-yard shot on 26th; 200 on 27th)

Tomball Gun Club

World Records for Group Shooting

The Group Shooting World Record Committee is as follows:

Don Creach, Chairman
Lowell Frei, Member
Ron Hoehn, Member
Kent Harshman, Member

NBRSA thanks these gentlemen for their service to the organization and their dedication to the advancement of group benchrest. 

Please see the attachments below for a current list of group shooting world records as well as procedures and a submission form.


2017 Long Range Schedule

Contact: Craig St Claire at 209 744-2274 or

Long Range Hall of Fame

Thru 2017 - 600 and 1000 Yard  Nationals

ER HOF Honorary Inductees: Charlie Dalessandro & Briar Hail

It is with much sadness, but with great honor, that the Eastern Region Hall of Fame recognizes post-humously the contibutions these gentlemen have made to the Eastern Region, as well as the sport of bechrest in general.  These gentlemen will be greatly missed, but fondly remembered.

The other Honorary Members of the ER Hall of Fame are:

Ralph Stolle

Phil Sauer

Mike Walker

Nelson Berger

Walt Berger

2009 U. S. World Team Announced

Listed below are the names of the team members who will be representing the United States at the 2009 World Benchrest Championship (WBC-10) in Pretoria, South Africa in June of 2009:

Team 1  - Ed Adams, Wayne Campbell, Gene Bukys, Tony Boyer

Team 2 - Larry Costa, Mike Ratigan, Bill Summers, Joe Krupa

Team 3 - Chris Harris, Don Nielson, Cecil Peterson, Tim Oltersdorf

First Alternate:  Gary Sinclair

Walt Berger, Honorary Team Captain

Congratulations to all.

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