600/1000yd National Champions

Attached are winners of previous national events

2009 U.S. World Team Final Qualifying Results

2009 US World Team qualifying match results are attached.   The point totals reflect the individuals best three (3) scores of the five (5) qualifying matches.  Please review your scores and report any discrepencies to me at

Updated 18:23ET 10/30/2008

Eastern Region Shooter of the Year History

The history of the NBRSA Eastern Region Shooter of the Year Trophy sponsored by Cryoplus, Inc.

2017           Ted Heindselman
2016           Ted Heindselman
2015           Ted Heindselman
2014           Jack Neary
2013           Jack Neary
2012           Ted Heindselman
2011           Steve Theye
2010           Steve Theye
2009           Joe Krupa
2008           Joe Krupa
2007           Joe Krupa
2006           DeWayne Wood
2005           DeWayne Wood
2004           Joe Krupa
2003           Joe Freeman
2002           Joe Krupa
2001           Geoff Esterline
2000           Joe Freeman
1999           Harold McCormick
1998           Bret Hail
1997           Stan Buchtel
1996           Bret Hail
1995           Jim Boetcher
1994           Fred Hasecuster
1993           Fred Hasecuster
1992           Larry Estes
1991           Charlie Dallesandro
1990           Jim Wakely
1988           Jim Boetcher

World Records for Score Shooting

The Score Shooting World Record Committee is as follows:

Rich Carpenter Chairman

Committee Members: Wayne Corley, Mike Guillot, Dan Zaccanti & Ron Powell

NBRSA thanks these gentlemen for their service to the organization and their dedication to the advancement of score shooting.

Please see the link below for an entire list of score shooting world records as well as procedures and a submission form.

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