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Welcome to the NBRSA Online!


2019 World Benchrest Championship
Rosebud Silhouette & Benchrest Club
Calgary, Canada

2018 WBC USA Qualifying Matches
March 10-11, 2018 - Cactus Classic, Phoenix AZ
March 24-25, 2018 - Shamrock, Dublin GA
May 5-6, 2018 - Hogroast, Fairchance PA
June 23-24, 2018 - East/West Shootout, St Louis MO
August 18-19, 2018 - Rattlesnake, Raton NM
Sept 10-15, 2018 - NBRSA Group Nationals, Holton MI

New NBRSA Match Registration Form
The new NBRSA Match Registration form approved by the board of directors is available from the attachments at the bottom of this page.

Nomination Time Is Here!
Members of the Following Regions:
Mississippi Valley
Alternate Director

Now is your time to exercise one of our most precious American traditions…your right to vote. For those members who are not US Citizens but still full members, you too can participate! It begins with thoughtful nominations and culminates with strong representation for your region. Won’t you join us in this time-honored institution? 

Regional Director Qualification Are:
1.  At least 18 years of age.
2.  NBRSA member for 3+ years.
3.  Resident of the region to which nominated.

Who Can Nominate?

1. Past NBRSA Regional Directors residing in the region.
2. NBRSA Members submitting petitions containing the signatures of 10+ members within that region.
3. Affiliated Clubs within the region.

Please send me your nominations by: Thursday, March 1, 2018.

June 1 - Ballots must be mailed by the Business Manager by this date.

July 1 - Your ballot must be received by this date in the NBRSA office to be counted.

July 15 - Deadline for results to be tabulated by the Business Manager and notification is made to the candidates. These results are then published in the first available magazine issue and posted online for members.

You can email me at:
or mail to: PO Box 349  Concord, VA 24538
Office: 434-993-9201

Notice of Gulf Coast Region Special Election
Scott Hunter has submitted his resignation as regional director for the Gulf Coast Region. Click the link above for information on the special election to elect a new Gulf Coast Region director.

Notice to Members, Clubs and Advertisers
Effective January 1, 2018 the NBRSA will increase the charges for payments as follows:

Memberships, advertising, target orders and match fees paid by check/cash - no change

Memberships paid by debit/credit card - $64.00

Canadian memberships paid by debit/credit card - $89.00

International memberships with magazine paid by debit/credit card - $124.00

All advertising, target orders & match fees paid by card - a 3.5% credit/debit card fee will be added.

Thanks you for your understanding and continued support of NBRSA.

2017 Board of Directors & Membership Meeting Minutes

2017 NBRSA Financial Statement

Future Nationals Events

2018 Nationals Events
2018 Group Nationals Holton Gun Club, Holton MI Sept 10-15 2018
2018 Long Range Nationals Rogue Valley Shooting Sport Assoc, White City OR Apr 16-22 2018
2018 Short Range Score Nationals Boone Valley Ikes., Webster City IA Aug 7-10 2018
2018 Long Range Score Nationals Walker County Benchrest, Huntsville TX Sept 1-2 2018
2018 Long Range Varmint Nationals Walker County Benchrest, Huntsville TX Aug 4-5 2018
2019 Nationals Events
2019 Group Nationals Ben Avery Gun Club, Phoenix AZ Likely Oct 2019
2019 Long Range Nationals Sloughhouse Benchrest Shooters, Sacramento CA TBD
2019 Short Range Score Nationals Greeley (Northern CO Benchrest Shooters, Eaton CO TBD
2019 Long Range Score Nationals Walker County Benchrest, Huntsville TX TBD
2019 Long Range Varmint Nationals Palimino Gun Club, Reno NV TBD


2017 Short Range Group Nationals Results

2017 Short Range Group Nationals Results

2017 Short Range Group Nationals Equipment List


Announcement from Gene Bukys, NBRSA President
A New Day is Dawning for the NBRSA

Match Directors...Don't forget that Protest Fees are NBRSA revenue and are to be submitted with match fees to the organization. Please ensure this is being done at your range. If you have any questions, please call the business office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Call the Business Office at 434-993-9201 to order for the season.
We also sell score reticles and measuring devices. 


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